Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just ten minutes...

I went to bed last night feeling pretty angry about what I saw on the news...A young man of 35 years old beaten by two teens, his wallet stolen. The man who was beaten was just coming back from a concert and was heading back to his girlfriend's house. He was visiting Australia from Canada. This man was also wheelchair bound. I was disgusted and furious...I told myself that I just wanted ten minutes in a room with those two punks...just ten minutes...

I can't even imagine the humiliation and powerlessness this man felt as he was being thrown from his wheelchair and beat with a metal bar. It was all captured on tape because it happened in an elevator. He is undergoing surgery today for head trauma.

Just ten minutes...

I woke up this morning to get my son ready for school. His Dad is away this week and ever since he left, my son Owen has been using his extra wheelchair to get around in the house. He has been in it for three days. He transfers from his bed to the chair and wheels into the kitchen to eat his breakfast. He even gets dressed in the chair making it very difficult and challenging for him. I have asked him what it's all about? He told me he wants to know what it's like for his Dad to get around. He's says that now that he's away, he needs to be the man of the house and take over. My son is seven. The wheelchair sits by the front door, waiting for him to return home.

It is because of my son that I am able to open my heart and choose LOVE rather than hate. It is because of his compassion that I am able to choose LOVE and try to understand the kind of pain these two boys are in to be able to hurt another human being in that way. It is because of my son that I choose LOVE and have hope for a better tomorrow, a future where people respect each other.

I painted this today. It's a picture of me. I painted it to remind me
to choose LOVE the way my son does. Even when, especially when it is hard.


  1. you son sounds as if he is 7 going on and your husband are raising a super sensitive young man there...i can't spell contienscious (LOL) but he is that too...your doing a fabulous parenting job...and not enough times do young parents get told they are as they should be...just saying :)

  2. i love the painting so much but i love even more your light! thanks for sharing it with me. love you!

  3. I can't believe that your son understands that taking on the responsibility of the man in the house may also mean that you are willing to embrace the hard stuff too. He is an amazing little man and I'm so glad his momma can write his story down so beautifully. I loved your painting with the little square glasses, I could see your sweet face in the portrait!

  4. Oh Danielle, my heart sank when i read the first part of your post...just makes me want to cry. You are such a wonderful person to turn your anger around and realize how you and your husband are bringing up an amazing person in your son. Everyday i read or hear things that make me feel helpless as to how horrible the human race can be, but seeing all the fabulous people (especially everyone in our virtual community) who are full of love, helps us deal and focus on the goodness in the world. Sending you love my friend and i love your painting too. :-)

  5. this is an amazing post Danielle. thank you SO much for sharing how you were able to turn your feelings of anger around into feelings of compassion for the young men who could do such a thing to someone who was wheelchair bound; i know it's always an easy thing to do...

    you and your husband are raising a most extraordinary young boy into adulthood and i'm glad you shared this story here; it's refreshing to see stories of young folks who are so thoughtful at such a young age =-)

    many huggs to you!

  6. Danielle - you did that. You raised him to be so sensitive and thoughtful. You helped him be so loving. What a little man he is, to help you choose love

  7. Danielle,
    Thank you for sharing the story. What you are putting out in the world, your art, your kindness, and your son is what we need more of. Your husband should be proud too! Andrea

  8. Danielle...
    What a sweet boy. I agree with Beth...he learned that from you. From you and your dear husband. I am going to think about your family as i continue to choose LOVE.
    when it is hard!
    and i love you dear one.
    wish you were coming with me and stella today.
    i can.t wait for the day when i get to see the two of you side by side again together.
    two little peas in a pod you are!
    oh and WOW how i love your painting.
    you are rockin and rollin girlfriend.

  9. Danielle, Does that sweet boy not fill up your heart! I remember seeing his picture in the book you did at Artful Journey and thinking that he was a very special little soul. Much love to him and to his parents. Thanks for sharing.


  10. What a shocking story. It is so hard to understand how people can feel so broken that they have to inflict pain on others. I am always at a loss to understand it.

    I love your painting, and can only add a big nod to what everyone else has said about who is raising such a wonderful boy.


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo