Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4380 days...and counting...

June 20th, 1998 (ages 23 &24)

This Sunday I am celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary. When I look back and see that man standing before me, I see myself as young, so unaware, so in love... We had no idea what lied ahead, but we believed...

It takes a lot these days to stay married. It takes even more to keep it strong and thriving... We have had our share of many ups and downs... So many moments to celebrate. Moments that would make your heart burst with complete JOY and BLISS... We have also experienced great heartache, moments that would take your breath away with sorrow and agonizing pain... Moments that forever changed us.

We are not the same people that stood facing each other in that small church on that very sunny and hot day in June. We are so completely different. We are better. Wiser. More loving and understanding of one another. We have learned what it is to LOVE-unconditionally, one day at a time...We have grown and evolved and learned many lessons side by side... and on our own...

On this twelfth anniversary I want to celebrate the many ways in which we survived, we forged ahead, we believed... I want to recognize all the times we persisted and insisted and stubbornly LOVED. I want to honour all the the layers that make us who we are individually and together. I want to celebrate our beautiful life together; a little worn, patchworked, stitched, but so very treasured...

Now, when I look at my husband and see the man before me, I see myself as well... imperfect, aware and still believing in our LOVE.

Happy twelve years sweetheart...The BEST is yet to come...

ALL my LOVE, Dan xo


  1. I'm a little misty over here. What a beautiful tribute to real love, the kind that is not perfect, but in it's imperfections is even more breathtaking. It's the combination of all of those times, both the good and the bad, that is so worth celebrating. Congrats :)

  2. You were absolutely a brilliantly gorgeous bride. I love bride pictures and love stories and I'm so glad that you shared yours- it truly is an amazing story!

  3. oh, Danielle. How beautifully and wonderfully portrayed, your anniversary tribute to your man and to your marriage. thank you for sharing this with us all -- Davielle (Davi) (An Artful Journeyer, just like you)

  4. this is a beautiful and thoughtful post, Danielle...i love that you have spoken of the fact that you are both no longer the same people who took vows that day - a fact that many people do not even consider when taking those vows but it is an inevitable fact of Life that we ALL change over time and are not the same people at 20, 30 or 50 years and beyond...

    Yet, you are both still together, growing and changing TOGETHER which is the important part of the journey. I'm so happy that it is so filled with LOVE for you both - congratulations on 12 amazing years!!

  5. Danielle,
    Happy Anniversary to you both! We just celebrated our 8th :) Many more happy years filled with happiness!

  6. Thanks for posting this Danielle. We became friends at a time when this conclusion was not inevitable. Love and change are a mysterious gift. I am on the journey too, and you and Steve inspire me. Congratulations on 12 years!

  7. We have been married for 22 years next month (I was 20) and have been through so much heartache (losing our son) too. We certainly are nothing like those two people who stood at the altar all those years ago.

    When I read your blog post, I nearly cried - you have put how I feel into words I could not find.

    You are so inspiring! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  8. Happy anniversary to you both. Your post is beautiful and you have captured what it is to love so perfectly. It is full of the greatest highs and the most shattering lows. I loved reading this today.

  9. So beautiful! Marriage is not always an easy journey but as in all of life with chaos and struggle comes calm and opportunity for growth. What a lovely tribute to your marriage. Have a very blessed anniversary!

  10. You've truly touched my heart. And what a perfect start to a Friday to remember what's really important. Thank you, Danielle. And Happy HAPPY Anniversary!

    xo, juliette

  11. Congratulations Danielle! What a gorgeous post. So much to learn from you...

    And thank you SO much for your big-hearted message when I was having a tough time last week. I am not surprised your husband loves you so much, you are precious


  12. oh danielle...
    im a little late to the party, but i just wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL your love is for your sweetheart. i love your raw honesty.
    thank you for sharing. you are a gorgeous couple.
    more wise today than 12 years ago right.
    happy anniversary dear one.

  13. very sweet- i wish you both many, many more years of growing together!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo