Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anne of Green Gables (PEI-Part 3)

Many of you grew up with Anne of Green Gables. I was also one of those girls who was smitten by Anne's wit and charm. I used to watch the reruns on tv when it played on CBC here in Canada. Going to this museum was like stepping back in time. It was heartwarming.

This is a picture taken of the author when she was 40 years old

Over 100 years ago, Louise Maude Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables. The story of Anne Shirley, a spirited red headed orphan adopted by the Cuthberts. Anne has become a Canadian icon and an international treasure.

I was surprised to learn that this book was rejected numerous times by publishers. (so was Harry Potter...oops!) Ms. Montgomery stored it away for a couple years before sending it out again. It was finally published in 1908. This book just celebrated its centennial anniversary. It just goes to show that you should never give up on your dreams... Sometimes you hear no before the YES...

First edition books signed by the author. I SO wanted to touch them!

This is the house the author grew up in.
It is the house that inspired her writing.

Many books were for sale here, including some very old and very new.
I was lucky enough to purchase one of each.

The 100th Anniversary book on the left.
And "Emily of New Moon", almost 100 years old on the right.

This is the lake of Shining Waters

We all went on a carriage ride to view the grounds. It was beautiful!

All in all, this little stop did not disappoint. It is clear to me now that Louise Maude Montgomery captured the essence of this island so magnificently with the images she helped create with her written words. Here's to 100 more years of Anne of Green Gables. A strong young girl who is not afraid to hold her tongue and speak her truth.

How do you feel about Anne of Green Gables? Are you a fan? Did you follow this series as a child?

Tomorrow I will show you the place we stayed in...the sunsets I experienced and the food...oh the food....


  1. i DID watch the series on my local PBS station and i'm saving to buy the DVD box set =-)! if buying the box set doesn't make me a fan, i don't know what will - okay maybe i SHOULD read the books too ;)

    i've seen the series up to Anne growing up and teaching but it seems there was another round going through WWI, which i haven't seen, so the box set will have some new material for me to view...i think the reason i'm anticipating having the box set is that Anne had SUCH IMAGINATION and that is what really draws me to her so much =-)

    i can see i will really have to make a trip to PEI, maybe when i make a trip to Nova Scotia in's hoping!

    thank you so much for sharing the images of your trip - it is really beautiful!

  2. i love lm montgomery! i own quite a bit of her books not just the anne series. i like pat of silver bush & emily of new moon series, also the story grl series. sum1 even bought me a biography on lm montgomery. so ya i'm a fan.

  3. i didn't read annd of green gables, but i do understand how meaningful that visit must have been for you- so neat. and i love that you got the 100 year old book!

  4. I love all of L.M Montgomery's books! Anne is my favourite though. I re-read them almost every month, I turn to the books whenever I feel this world is getting too much for me hehe. I am a worshiper of beauty like Anne is, which is what attracted her to me when I was 6 years old...
    I wasn't fond of the TV series, I suppose it was because some parts of it was nothing like the books.
    I've been dying to go to PEI forever, hopefully I will in 2-3 years! (I live in Australia now). Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo