Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Homestead in PEI (Part 4 of 5)

After driving for three days and twenty hours, we arrived here. Our "homestead" for the next week. It was right out of a magazine. A total dream come true!

This was one of our views from the back of the house overlooking the ocean.

This was another view I woke up to everyday...Are you kidding me?

This place came equipped with everything...movies, boardgames,
even a washer and dryer with TIDE and Bounce

This was the game zone...

The kitchen was stocked with oils and everything
you don't bring with you 2500 km away from home...

These were our closest neighbours... It was truly heavenly...

We saw the most beautiful sunsets every night...
It was amazing to see how fast the sun starting coming down
and how different the sky looked in a period of ten minutes.

This is why it was so hard to leave this place.
Total relaxation watching this sunset on the deck with a glass of red wine in hand...sigh....

I couldn't resist showing you the outdoor shower... Owen and Briannah are in here washing the salt off after their daily walk to the beach... They are seven...too cute!

I was hoping to wrap up the PEI blogposts today, but I think I will need one more day to make it complete... The next post will be Monday... I'll be back to my regular posts next week. A lot has been going on around here...Mass Exodus of stuff...A purging... I FINALLY painted and finished Owen`s BIG BOY room and I am planning to paint and re-organize my studio as of Monday... Thank goodness my Mama offered to help me...I need to make this studio functional before I get painting again...

Have a FABULOUS weekend everybody! Hope the sun is shinning wherever you are! xo


  1. I want to live there. It's what Heaven should look like in my book.

  2. Looks so gorgeous, i want to go there! Looks like you had a wonderful time and just what was needed. Look forward to hearing more news on everything you have going on. :-)

  3. wow...these images are GORGEOUS...

    i can see that i have to visit Nova Scotia one day

  4. soooo wonderful.
    what a blessing to be able to experience.
    i LOVE the shower is priceless!
    huge hugs to you!

  5. GORGEOUS pictures. Hope you're having a fabulous time.


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo