Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pre-LOVED faves...

I dropped off three large boxes today at our local Value Village (our second hand store). The boxes were full clothing that belonged to all three of us and I was happy to drop them off and clear more clutter. Usually, I NEVER go into the store after dropping stuff off because the last thing I want to do is fill my house up again with more stuff I don't need.... But, it had been SO long since I visited the store...

I wanted to share with you the top five things I cannot walk away from and that I NEED to SAVE from the landfill...

1. Linen Aprons...How I LOVE you! I love that they are worn and soft and that they were so loved in the past. I LOVE putting them on my kitchen table...It just feels so homey and I wouldn't want a kitchen table without it!

2. Cotton and Linen handkerchiefs...ohhh how you make me HAPPY! When I see them sitting there in a bunch so little and pretty, often with hand embroidery...I just can't leave them there...

3. Vintage Fabric...How I am trying to stop myself from buying you... You have a power over me...I have stopped sewing since closing my store called mimi & lulu last summer.... BUT, I cannot leave this fabric without making it mine...

4. Cotton and lace doilies...How you have become my friend! The thought of women sitting around and crocheting these in the good old days makes my heart burst with glee! I ADORE you and your rounded perfectly shaped ways...

5. And finally, my sweet, worn, weathered, insanely addictive books... You are the first things I look for when I enter the doors and the last thing I revisit before I leave...The content is not always a pre-requisite...sometimes I just fall for the color or the linen covers. I am at your mercy...I LOVE YOU ALL!

So there you have it...The top five things I can't leave behind when I walk into any second hand store... I have some big plans for some of these in the next couple of months... The store I used to own with my cousin was all about reusing pre-loved items and making new ones with them...This will always be a part of my creative process...

What about you? What are your favorite vintage things you can't live without? I would love to hear about them...


  1. i love vintage hankies too! i marvel at the variety of them: organdy, cotton, linen, lace - printed, plain or embroidered - flat hemmed, lace trimmed or scallop edges...they are just so lovely but i don't think i have the collection that you do ;)

    something i don't leave the thrift store without is glassware lately, soda fountain glasses in particular - i'm using them in my creative play-space =-)

    and i was collecting single tea cups with saucers for awhile...

  2. Holy moly! I am just going to pick your picks for things I cannot live without, though I am certainly living without. I have no idea where to find these things, well, except in boutiques where they are no longer tempting because of their new prices to go with the old items.

    That vintage material really made me drool. Seriously.


  3. Ahhh that fabric is divine! I love vintage gardening stuff - old watering cans, planters, benches and the like. I would have loved to have visited your shop!

  4. that material is so nice and if i had that, i could not part with it either!

    for a while, i loved collecting vintage handbags. i realized today i don't love them anymore, and the collection has been sitting at the top of my closet for several years. i just photographed them and plan on selling on ebay. ready to make room, clear out space. hope to not refill it. at least for a while!

  5. I would have to agree with you on all of your 5 things! I also have a special affinity for lamps and milkglass :)


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo