Friday, October 29, 2010


Stand TALL

I have been stretching my creative muscles all week and I am having SO MUCH fun! With each new painting I am learning and growing and I cannot wait to paint more and more...

A whole new world is emerging and I am not quite sure what to do with it yet but it feels right so I`m just going with it. I am not analyzing it too much. I am just painting from a place deep within.


The ugly ducklings are starting to emerge into something beautiful... I wanted to share these with you. Part of me is terrified of going here, of revealing another layer of myself...imperfect and exposed. But another part of me knows this is the very reason why I need to share. Seek and stretch...there just might be something incredibly beautiful waiting to emerge...

Happy weekend my dear friends. Happy Halloween and Happy creating! Hugs to you! xo


  1. Your paintings are beautiful. It is fun to see the difference between your older paintings and newer paintings. They are equally beautiful just different. You choose really vibrant and wonderful colors for all of your paintings.

    Thank you for letting us walk with you in your transformation. That takes loads of courage.


  2. your stretching is beautiful and you sound so happy! :)

  3. So pretty. It takes bravery to share something "new." Thank you for taking that brave step...and have fun with process. :)

  4. OHHHHHHHH! I love this! I love the new big eyed girls. And they are certainly related to the other girls. Are you using the oil sticks? Just curious. You ROCK my friend! I am exciting to give you a huge huge huge hug when we meet again in Feb!!


  5. These new works are amazing Danielle. The depth in the faces is stunning. You are stretching indeed, and growing into your artist self me thinks. It is wonderful to watch.

  6. it is certainly wonderful to watch you transform and grow. i am totally obsessed already with this new work. i can see that it comes from a deep place inside of you and its so refreshing. the textures are so yummy i could gobble them right up..... :-) you inspire me danielle. feb will be here before you know it!
    love you!

  7. LOVE. Beautiful big blue eyes - the windows of her soul. Danielle, you are growing sista, so lovely, the textures, the colors the feel of these pieces. xxx

  8. hi danielle! how sweet of you to mention our little exchange :). your emerging style is your reward for all that time spent showing up in the studio. seeing your work mature and unfold is wonderful! i hope to be where you are one day!!! :) jan


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo