Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank-you Synchronicity....

(photo credit Harriet Carlson)

I have been experiencing some lovely synchronicity these days. For starters, I have joyfully accepted a new teaching position at Huntington University in my home town where I will be teaching ART Therapy. What is so special about this opportunity is that this job found me first. I love it when the Universe gives me what I didn't even know I wanted and then I realize it is totally what I needed. I start in January.

I am so stoked about teaching at the University level. It's only one class but that is plenty for me. No more teaching eight classes in one semester for this girl. I remain committed to my ARtful Journey but look forward to spending some time outside my studio to teach something that I have instinctively applied to my own life. ART SAVES indeed!

On another note, I did a photo shoot yesterday! This was total pro with the infamous local creative genius, Harriet Carlson. We're talking lights, camera- action! I wasn't prepared for how uncomfortable I would feel sitting in front of the black lense of the camera with only me to shoot-to see.

To say that I was uneasy is a complete understatement. It was painful. After two glasses of white wine (it was only 2pm), I was able to sit and take part. My edge was gone but some awkwardness still remained.

It is so humbling to sit before this lens. I hope one day to find my inner diva and strike a pose like a semi-pro at least. But for now, these pictures will document my present.

I can't wait to show you the fully edited shots, but for now I had to share the one above.

I have a HUGE sale starting next week on all original paintings. I will be adding some old favorites to the bunch so please sign up for my newsletter to be in the know. I will be sending out the next newsletter soon!

It's Friday and I sit here in a book store with my favorite grande non fat caramel macchiatto, grateful for the gifts I have been receiving from the Universe. My arms are open to receive and I thank-you for all that you bestow upon me. Happy Friday all! I hope the Universe smiles upon you too. Ask and you SHALL receive! xo


  1. Contratulations! and that is a great photo! You would never know that you were feeling a bit uncomfortable on the inside. Love that Synchronicity! I call it a Hug from the Universe!

  2. so excited about this bit of teaching news! i think you are perfect for the job and am so proud i could burst. love you and miss you so much!

  3. ps.....

    i did a photo shoot similar to the one you speak of here and it was blue blazes hot outside and i was a total bundle of melted-awkwardness. i don't think i realized it and the photographer told me i was doing something funny with my face.....ha!!! omg.


  4. danielle you look lovely! glad about your news. how weird is it that my walls in my art/music room are painted the same color?

  5. congratulations to you! that's wonderful! and sounds like the perfect fit!

    you're looking BEAUTIFUL in those photos! it's so nice to see you in that colorful studio of yours :)

    cheers to synchronicity!

  6. Golly Danielle! You are so beautiful!

    I am so happy for you - for your job and your work that you are surrounded by and your utter faith in yourself and the universe. You amaze and inspire me! ☺

  7. Congratulations on the new teaching position!! And I think you look amazing in your photo - very happy indeed! The photographer knows what she's doing =-)

    BTW: I love your recent "Les Demoiselles" painting so much more than the one by Picasso... ;)

  8. Congrats to you! I love your art!

  9. Congratulations on the new job! Well deserved. Can't wait to see the photos.

  10. Congrats to you on your new gig!!! This sounds wonderfully purfect for you!!!! I love when magic happens :) Your new paintings are so sweet & inspiring.


    PS!! I have the same hanging light/lamp/white flower in my house/studio!! i love it :)

  11. So happy for you! Congrats on your new position. And I love the photo. You look beautiful.

  12. PS, Danielle and Carissa, where can I find that lamp?

  13. Oh my gosh...How fabulous is that news for you. :) Isn't it wonderful when things just start to align & move - Beautiful things just happening...Congrats to you!

  14. I really am glad I flew over here today - you are so fearless! No matter what you call "uncomfortable" - YOU DID IT!! I admire you for your full on I AM ENOUGH ;-) I can relate to you being horizontal when all you want to do is FLY...I "want" to get out there full out, but have some *stuff* that will take me another 4 yrs. to finish so....I'm using that time to learn new techniques, learn about "biz", create a stockpile of art so I can be really ready to swing open the doors - I think God is teaching me patience ;-) You keep my fire burning and for that I thank you!!!! p.s. your photo is divine.

  15. Love that universe, telling us, making us listen. Congratulations on the role...sounds fabulous and so you. AND woohoo photo shoot baby. Love this photo and cant wait to see the others too. xx

  16. Wow wow wow! Congratulations on the teaching role, and I cannot WAIT to see those photos! You are flying!!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo