Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The F Word

Yes, I'm one of those. Always was and always will be. I co-founded the Women Studies Student Association at Ottawa University. I graduated from the Women Studies Program. In those days I was living the stereotype, angry, hairy and loud! (My father was mortified!)

Today, I am still a Feminist. Less angry, less hairy and less loud. I am no longer a single woman dating a man in the infantry (that was a HUGE learning curve for the both of us). I am now married to a Veteran and raising a son. A beautiful boy with a heart I can only dream of matching. I am a woman living with two males in the house (even a male dog).

Today, I am a woman who has come a long way in her own life. I have learned that anger is an acceptable emotion that can fuel change when necessary. At times it can be effective and absolutely obligatory. I have also learned that LOVE and grace are also progressive in creating change. That what you DO is much louder than what you say. That two negatives are counter productive. That I am the greatest teacher for my son and that he will learn to respect women by seeing me respect myself.

I used to have a chip on my shoulder on International Women's Day. My anger and disgust was palpable. The inequities and violence against women enraged me... I always made it known...

I still wear a capital F near my heart. It sits there proudly while I walk along my day. It no longer has to shout to be heard. It has become part of my DNA. It sits there along my integrity, my self-respect and my "Oh no you did'int". It is part of my lens as I view the world and live in it.

There are millions of women still suffering in this world because they are women. For me, this is completely unacceptable. There is still much more work to do. By sharing herstory with my son, I hope that he learns to wear the capital F by his heart as well. United, we can make the world better. Divided, we only chase our own tails.

100 years today...



Happy International Women's Day from
my heART to Yours...


  1. Danielle - I just love this post. I don't know if I would call myself a Feminist, but I support everything you said today. I vote, I talk to my daughter about the importance of being a strong, self-loving woman, to lift her "sisters" up, and am all about supporting women in business and in the home. One of the wonderful things about having children is it allows us to see the grace AND power in having a strong hand in raising them. Here's to the women loving men and women of tomorrow :)

  2. no wonder i've been drawn to you danielle! so much in common!
    didn't think i'd EVER get married with my strong attitude and feminist lenses and loud and hairy ways. :o) now married, son, male cats... :o)
    and totally love the part about teaching respect through self-respect.
    amen to that sister!
    sending lots of sisterly love to you and sisters everywhere today!

  3. this post made my day Danielle.

    i was excited to meet you before (you're coming to Create Magic, right?)
    but now I am not only excited to meet you but convinced we are going to hit it off big time!

    i too am a Feminist that went through an awesomely angry stage and has now softened. I remember back then being so frustrated that people didn't see why I would be so angry. But that was then. Reading this post, I felt a kinship as I've followed a similar path with where my feminism has travelled.

    Thank you for sharing these incredible words!

  4. that is really great. I carry the F word close to my heart too and I like how you put it. I think of what all my ancestors had to do to put me where I am today and for that I am grateful. congratulations on raising a great son.

  5. My thoughts exactly. Love it. <3


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo