Friday, May 20, 2011

Handwritten Truths

If you are wondering where I have been this week....  
I've been here...
We have been clearing out our basement in the biggest way...going through each and every single box including the ones that have not been opened since 2005.  It has been a draining week, coupled with my writing and my painful kickboxing regime...I am wiped out.

I found these...  I had looked for them before.  They were hiding, waiting perhaps for the right time to show themselves...  These are the letters Steve wrote to me while he was away, spanning two tours overseas.  There are more believe it or not.  There is another box with the letters and cards I sent him.  Two wild kids so in love...  one in love with a man who happened to be in the military, the other a military man who happened to be married...

I hold my breath as I open each one...  It brings me back to places I do not want to be.  It also reminds me of the fierce LOVE I have always had for him.  Some of them are deeply embarrassing...  showcasing our immaturity and youth...  Others shine the light on our truth and character, displaying our brave honesty and naive love.  

Oh, email and facebook...I am so happy you weren't around then...  (I almost regret you being around for the last two tours).  I wouldn't have these breathing words in my hands that bring me back to such a vulnerable, painful and loving place.  I wouldn't be able to see just how much the years have created a cage around my heart.

I am so grateful for these pieces of paper with our handwritten words.  Proof of our commitment, our fears, our longings,  and most of all our love.  Reading these letters reminds me just how much we both have grown.  Yet, how underneath the layers of loss and heartbreak lies pure and innocent flawless LOVE.

"Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them."
  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Beautiful, beautiful things, those love letters.

    My husband and I fell in love via the letters we sent each other in the mail. We had 7 years of letters before we began our life together. So I understand what it means to have them. I treasure mine as well.

    <3 Here's to a restful and happy weekend, Danielle!

  2. You know I never really thought about the loss of letters with the electronic age. My grandma used to spend 6 months of every year with her family in Australia and she would send the most beautifully written letters on a regular basis. I wonder if anyone kept any of them. I will have to ask.

    How beautiful that you saved them. What a treasure!

    And I have to give you props for cleaning out your basement. Want to come over and do mine? I could use the help!

  3. Love letters are the most precious thing ever. What a beautiful post

  4. That is a blessing to have all those letters, immaturity and naivete be damned! ;)

    It shows the arc of the story of your love for one another, Danielle, and those letters are a beautiful legacy to leave to your son as he moves into his own future of love with the woman who will be his wife...though we certainly don't expect that for many years just yet!

    I found a cache of letters and note cards sent between my grandparents that I hope to make an art book out of. Letters are so wonderful to send and to receive AND to find - I do hope letter writing does not disappear from the face of the Earth altogether!

  5. I Love My Love Letters from my hubby, we have two boxes and they will go with us when we pass, I recently found love letters in Spanish from my mom and dad to each other and will treasure those forever, thanks for sharing:O)

  6. i too have a few letters that i wrote to my man about 25 years ago and some he wrote to me. they document the struggles and pain, as well as the love. i still get little notes and thank-you letters. i remember seeing a love letter my dad wrote to my mom - there is something very special about a letter, the paper and seeing the writing - means far more than an email

  7. The letters between Jonathan and I are among my treasured things as well....what a lovely find and reminder of your inspiring love. Thanks for sharing Danielle. p.s you write so beautifully. XO.


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo