Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Thine Own Self Be True

I have been sewing this week.  I put down my paintbrush for the constant humming of my sewing machine.  I think it's important to step back from your work sometimes.  Distance can make your work seem even that much more beautiful.  I used to get down on myself when I didn't "feel" like painting.  But now I understand how important this time away from my painting table is.  It is part of the creative process and should not be seen as a slump or a creative block.  We shouldn't fear the pauses.

I have been thinking alot since yesterday's post.  So much so, that I already have so much to say and wanted to write a post as a way to organize and formalize my thoughts.

I am new to this world of blogging and yet it feels so natural here.  I feel I have created an environment where I can let my true essence shine through and I have connected with so many of you, amazing heart-generous people.  There is no doubt you have enriched my very existence and I am whole-heartedly grateful for these connections.

The truth is, I feel so bombarded as of late.  I have actually been feeling like this since Christmas and thought about disconnecting then, from the cyber world, for a while.  But I remained and persevered.  However, this little voice inside my heart can longer be ignored.  It yearns to be heard and to be explored.

I understand what I plan on doing might sound like social suicide, bad for business, what is she thinking, I would never do that...

But the truth is, these reasons only help to reinforce why I need to take a break from this world for a while.  The thing is, so many of us artists want to be taken seriously as artists, but we neglect the very thing inside of us that makes us who we are.  I have become so preoccupied with what is "out there", trying to keep up with everyone else's artistic journey that I have silenced the most sincere part about me... my inner voice, my quest for truth and the way I portray this truth throughout my work.  It has been shouting for me to walk away, to take it all in, to face the path, to question the direction and the "opportunities", to follow through on past dreams, to be more present, to stop filling my days with "liking" stuff on facebook and to truly just LOVE the things that are right in front of me within my heart and my soul.  For me, it's not about marketing the crap out of my stuff, it's about people connecting with the honesty of my work and the sincerity of my creative expression.

If you read this blog you know how much this community means to me.  You know how primal this connection has been for me.  Yet, I still feel the need to pause, to breathe, to stretch my body and mind and go within.  I have decided that June 30th will be my last post until September.  I might pop in, but I might not.  I will go with the flow.  I will also be temporarily closing my facebook account.  My ETSY shop WILL remain OPEN, and I will continue to list new works periodically.  You will still be able to contact me through email.  I will not be on a deserted island.

My ego says, don't do it.  They will forget about you.  No one will care when you get back.  They will have moved on.  You worked SO hard to get here, why do this? My inner critic says, no one will care either way, get over yourself.  My heart says, BRAVO.  Bravo for listening to your inner self.  Bravo for daring to run your own race.  Bravo for honoring who you are. This is what matters.

I got a tattoo a few months ago.  I'm finally ready to share it.  It's on my fore arm.  Here it is:

Thank-you for your comments, for your feedback, for your time 
and your big beautiful hearts.

“Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.”


  1. Everything you wrote is everything I am feeling, thank you for being so real and honest. Have a wonderful summer and I promise you will stay on my reader for when you get back in September!

  2. Well my dear NOBODY is ever going to forget about you!! More like we will all be waiting, waiting for your return. And..I love everything you have written here. I have become SO HUNG UP on selling my art that I have lost what I was trying to say and I can't stand that.I totally get where you are coming from. Totally.

    I love that you are doing this, that you are listening to your 'self' and honouring that! Have I mentioned how much you inspire me?! ;)

    And that tattoo - awesome. Freaking awesome!

    Love you sweet girl xo

  3. I have been considering the same thing the past few weeks and wondering if I have the courage to unplug. I find the blogs I love to be inspiring and I love this community but I also find myself comparing my journey with others. Then of course the choir of self doubt and criticism chimes in.

    Bravo to you for listening to your own voice. You are inspiring to me.

  4. dearest danielle,

    i admire and am inspired by the way you are honoring your inner self. you said it all so beautifully and are so hearfelt. i feel we are at our best when we honor that voice inside of us...the one we hear more clearly when we silence the things that are creating unnecessary chaos.

    i have struggled with a similar decision on and off for quite some time now...but have so many strange fears attached to it.

    YOU inspire me beauty and there is NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY you will be forgotten.

    i am so hopeful one day i will get to meet you...Mindy adores you immensely and shared with me when i saw her how special and amazing of a person you are.

    bless you and yours as you honor your self....i honor you and this brave, wonderful, true to self decision.

    all my love,

  5. Danielle, I started the "do what you love" course last week and since then, have connected to so many great websites - yours being one of them. Your work (and words) are so inspiring... I just wanted to say BRAVO to you for pulling back & listening to your heart. I'll keep myself busy reading all your posts until you come back in September. :) Happy writing.

    be kind to yourself...

  6. Don't be afraid Danielle. Whatever comes from this stepping away will be exactly what you need. You don't need me to tell you, all the answers are already there in your heart.

    I think so many of us know exactly how you feel and hopefully we each find our own with this challenge. It is really difficult to disconnect from what others are doing, to find a way to be inspired but not overwhelmed, connected but not chained.

    I have really struggled with being true to myself as an artist and finding my own path, when I feel like there is a formala that I'm supposed to be following if I want to be successful. But I am working hard to listen to my inner dialogue too and the answers are coming to me about where to go.

    I would love to be in touch via email during your hiatus, if you feel like it. Or maybe even skype. But if not, I'll look forward to catching up in September.

    Much love to you my friend, and much peace on your journey.


  7. i too understand where you are coming from, and trust me dear girl, we will NOT forget about you. i love your tatoo, and i hope your summer is restful and relaxing for you and you find all the peace you need. xox carlanda

  8. Danielle, It was such a pleasure to come and visit with you on your page! I like your art and what you have to say. I too, love your tat! May you find the magic in the quiet times.


  9. bravo indeed Danielle!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your tattoo!
    have a wonderful YOU summer.
    blessings on your journey!
    see you in september or whenever it's meant to be :o)
    hugs and love!

  10. As I said before:
    It's YOUR blog to do as YOU WANT!

    Thank goodness for the blogger reader so when you so post I will see them and come for a visit =-)

    BTW: the tattoo is just lovely with the butterfly!

  11. those that care, those that have connected with you will be there when you return. you know how it is with old friends one month or one year does not make a difference - you pick up just where you left off and that is how it will be when you return.


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo