Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Breakthrough

How is your week going so far?  Mine has been action packed, still trying to catch my breath...  As you read in my last, I've been blocked these days, unable to complete a painting or even enjoy the process.  So, after my very special conversation at the car garage (I know...totally weird but amazing), I decided to make some changes...

     I went to Bingo.  I know.  It's lame and totally "Valley Girl"...but I did it because I thought it would be a way to NOT take myself so seriously, to chill out, to just get over myself already.  I had fun.  I didn't win, but I relaxed and used my TEAL dabber...

      I joined a ART club.  I know...  Those who know me well are probably did what?  I decided to get out of my shell, out of my head and out of my basement.  I paid my fees last night...and I'm excited about this.  I really am.
      I had breakfast with my Memere.  I made time.  It was wonderful.  Before I left she looked me in the eye, put her hands on my shoulders and said; " I know you will paint again soon.  You are a good artist.  It will be OK." (She said this in French, I'm just translating).  She filled my heart right up.

     So, that afternoon, I came home.  I was nervous entering my studio...  I looked through books for ideas...  And then I looked at the clock and finally said.  Enough.  You are totally procrastinating.  Paint like you...not like anyone else.  You don't need any books for that.  Owen will be home in three hours.  Just paint!  So I did.  I painted.  I literally took some deep breaths before I started and I just went for it, allowing whatever needed to happen.  Once I got started, I wasn't anxious anymore.  I was in the ZONE.

Three hours later, this emerged. 
It's called The Forest is Her Temple.

I was so giddy all night long!!!  
FINALLY, a breakthrough!

Yesterday, I painted this one...

This one is called Raven Girl.

for your support and your kind comments!
It means SO much to me.  It truly lifted me up!
I wanted to share a comment left by fellow artist Micki
Many of you know her as The Secret Hermit.
I HAD to share this with you!

Here is part of her comment that made EVERYTHING so clear!!!

" What we call blocks are transition times.
Sometimes they are intimidating, but when you come down to it, a block is simply a time of change.
Something drastically different from what has been painted is trying to emerge, and you are pushing it back down, consciously or unconsciously.
You feel blank because there is too much inside and the pressure gives the illusion of emptiness.
This is a time to break the boundaries set by the self image, to find the crack in the wall. "

...this quote from the book 'Life, paint and passion'... left by Micki.

So here's the truth... 
I've been limiting growth.  I so fiercely want to BRAND my style that I continue to stuff the natural process of growth.  I wanted desperately to continue with my current ETSY style, the one in the shop and continue painting and growing with Beverly-separately.  I thought I could do both...  I have realized that I can't any more.  This is why I BLOCKED out!

I know that I'm still new as an artist... January 2010 was the the beginning for me.  My style will continue to grow and change... it will continue to evolve because that's just the kind of person I am.  I am surrendering the need to BRAND myself any longer...this is self-sabotage and I will do it no more.  Some people are meant to teach grade two for the rest of their lives and they are happy with that... I would die.  I am in constant flux.  So here I am, at another juncture of change in my work.  The fifth in the last twenty-one months.  Where do I go from here?  Forward, inward, allowing the growth to happen and shape my ART into exactly what it's supposed to be.
I hope you do too. xox


  1. I love your 2 new girls the colours in the first one are gorgeous and the trees in the second one are just perfect!!

    If only I could truly take credit for that profound quote from the book :)

    It really did help me to realize that change was afoot and I was holding it back, my painting style has changed massively over the past year or 2 (even the past month or 2) and I am happy to let that continue.

    I wish you a very happy art journey :)

  2. life, paint, passion knocked my socks off.

    i don't think i've ever commented over here. but this post moved me to.

    wow i think what you've decided is brave and cool.

    branding is for wieners. wieners who have no interest in growing as an artist.

    so, you aren't a wiener.

    you are an artist.

    also, you are pretty, so it's hard to go wrong.


    okay. now come to my blog and say something nice too. it's only fair.


  3. What I love about Art is the Artist who hasn't branded herself.To me it truly speaks about the person who created it.It shows through that painting where she is in her life and how she felt when she painted it.

    I have always thought that when you brand yourself you limit yourself.I paint what I feel like painting on a given day.If no one likes it but me that is ok.Hope I'm conveying what I am trying to say.Your words are always epic your paintings are beautiful.

  4. i always love to see your work! and i always love to see how it's changing. to me, i think that if it didn't change and evolve it wouldn't be very you...and i always admire just how much you ask questions and grow, grow, grow! it's an inspiration and always amazing to see your heart in your artwork. thanks for sharing how you're getting through it all...

    :) juliette

  5. Oh wow - I so get what you are saying in so many different ways. Where to even begin - I get what you are saying about the branding. I too always think about the package, the product, how I could market my work in a neat little box. If it can't be a viable commodity then what? But you are so right that in order to grow as an artist you have to risk all that and learn to listen to the voice inside and be true to yourself. I wish I could sit with you and discuss all this I really need to get it all out, thank goodness for this medium - at least we do have a platform of sorts to discuss all this. You are an inspiration in that you are bravely following your heart, and not afraid to take risks. I hope I can be as brave as you.

  6. A beautiful post thank you for sharing your heart:O) Love these new paintings:O)

  7. They are beautiful Danielle, just like you! Keep creating girl!

  8. Your work is absolutely stunning! Just stunning. I am such a fan. Have a great weekend, xo

  9. Your work is Amazing! Recently I'm finding so many talented people that are inspiring me to continue to find and develop my own style and nurture my own creativity ... I've never been to Canada, but as a Minnesotan I can sympathize when it comes to those long winters ... we're already heading in that direction!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo