Monday, September 12, 2011

Presenting my 2012 Calendars!

They are READY!  And, I'm SO excited about these!!!
I have created a NEW and IMPROVED format.
Can you feel my pulse racing???

I'm so happy to finally share these with you!

I have chosen 12 favorite prints along with the print on the title page which is called
Inviting Abundance.

  Here are the 12 paintings that made the cut this year... 
They all have their own personalities and stories to accompany you through 2012.

They measure 8.5 by 11 and they have rounded corners.
They are grouped together with a silver metal clip to make it easy to flip to the next month.

These prints can also be trimmed when the months pass
and framed or added to your bulletin board for instant color and company!

These makes the loveliest gifts for the ones you love.
They also make lovely gifts for YOU!
They're in the shop NOW 

Wishing you a HAPPY week!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo