Monday, October 31, 2011

I Double Dare You!

 I've been in my studio...
getting it messy again..  
I don't know what it is lately, but I cannot get enough color on my palette.
The brighter and deeper the hue the better...
I don't know how long this phase will last but I am loving it for now.

I wanted to tell you that I submitted a short story
to a NATIONAL writing competition here in Canada.
This is the first time I submit a story.
(Go big or go home...)
The winner gets 6000$ + they get their story published here.
I've been wanting to submit to this competition for the last three years
but I always managed to find 1000 things I NEEDED to do 
and never had time to follow through.

 I submitted in the creative non-fiction category.
I chose a story from the book I'm working on but I had to re-write it (often) 
because the word limit was 1500 words (4pages).
I don't expect to be the winner,
or one of the four runner-ups who will each 
receive 1000$.
I am aware that almost every writer gets rejected... 
hundreds of times

But, one thing is for sure...
Even with ALL the odds against me, 
I feel so good about this.
I feel good because I can no longer let fear rule.
Because I am one step closer to sending it ALL out there.
Because I am getting braver and so much nearer to 
becoming the me I want to be.

For now, I will let it go and set it free.
And look forward to painting some more in the days to come.

These paintings will be in the shop later on today.
I dare you to take one step closer to your biggest dream today.
I double dare you!
PS.  I'm going as Little Red Riding Hood tonight.
(What are you going as?)
Happy Halloween!
PS.  Thank-you for all of your sweet words of congratulations on my last post!



  1. Good for you for deciding to do the contest! Go for it. Your paintings are amazing

  2. You do such a beautiful work. I just love all the work you do!

  3. you inspire!

    love the vibrant yummy colors of your work!

    love that you ARE brave .... sending out lots of good mojo for your writing to get the recognition i know it deserves!

    love to you and your incredible bravery!

  4. Just saw your work for the first time today through FB Magically Mixed Art and popped over to your blog--your work is wonderful--I love the colors and design. Very cheerful and inspirational!


  5. Woo hoo! Congratulations on submitting your work. I know how challenging it was for you and I am oh so proud of you for taking the leap and walking down you path.
    You rock!

  6. The new work is looking absolutely LUSCIOUS with so much juicy color!

    And congratulations on moving beyond your fears and submitting your writing!! It is high time for more folks to see the beauty you craft with words Danielle =-)

  7. I was sitting in the bath last night - asking myself questions about why I don't just DO IT - (all those things I want to do - kinda have to do to be honest - when you are a creative what other way is there?) and of course the answer was FEAR.
    When I read your writing and see your art - I think - but its so good why the fear, but it seems that we are all held by our fear and its good to be able to be open and share - because I think it is how we can overcome the fear. Well done on feeling the fear but doing it anyway -

  8. My daughter was little red riding hood as well. My husband was the big wolf and I couldn't get it together enough to be anything except the dog-walking working mommy which I thought was enough as I herded my two, my dog, my mom's dog, and about 11 other children from door-to-door. ;)

    Your bright colors are lovely and inspirational! Are you taking Get Your Paint On II? It is about color right now and your colors are truly inspirational for this.

  9. I woke up crabby and irritated today...then I come here...and look at ice heart is melting and I am smiling and I am dreaming of a better day.

    Your work is marvelous. Thank you for sharing and let me know how you do on the contest!!!

    I bet you were a cute Red Riding Hood.


  10. these are doubly - triply - quadruply FANTASTIC! love love loveING all the bright color! -- oh and super duper congrats on being so brave and accomplishing your dreams! you inspire dear friend! oh, you simply do! xoxo

  11. these two paintings are stunning. we met in los gatos in february (I was prego). remember? I just adore your work. I mean you have MAD SKILLS woman and your stories inspire. wishing you all the best!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo