Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Light Keepers

I am back. And forever changed. I had a feeling it would be pretty special.  I had no idea it would  bust me open.  The eleven women I met and shared with are all phenomenal.  While I waited at the airport for nine hours (that's not a typo), I wrote this poem.  It's dedicated to each one who has made me a better human by showing up and sharing their light with me.

The Light Keepers

I see her, this girl,

Mystified by raindrops of joy.
Wrapped in the tear stains of her light keepers.
She remembers their thunderous laughter,
And the doorway to their feathered stories.

I see her, this girl,

Walking in her paper shoes.
Trying to stand tall without them.
Squeezing her heart with the hum of their voices.
Exhaling the waves of her lonely whispers.

I see her, this girl,

Clutching her handkerchief,
While she sits with a fragile heart.
Her hands embroidered
With the texture of their kindness and love.

I see her, this girl,

Picture-poems gathered in memory.
Bouncy balls skipping by.
Barefoot dreams in one single cup of tea.
Twelve shimmering lights twirling around the trees.

I see her, this girl,

The one I always knew.
Living inside each abandoned sound of a broken heart.
Deeply stained in delicate paper.
Their essence tattooed inside her skin.

I see her, this girl,

Connected to each light keeper.
Fiercely embracing the beauty of their song.
Awakened by her silent voice, her wordless stories
And twelve colorful scarves fluttering in the wind.

For each and everyone of you.  I love you dearly. xox

 This is a self portrait taken after I said goodbye...
tear stained.
One last walk in the woods...

More to come about this trip soon. 
I'm still catching my breath and processing it all.


  1. oh, oh, my dear dear kindred. you have made footprints in my heart. Moi aussi je t'aime! i did not wish for a long goodbye either. but it was all still just too quick for me. i was speechless. xo

  2. You make my heart so very happy. Love you!

  3. Hello my sweet. I am hanging on every drop I hear about this weekend. I was so there in spirit, and trust that we be face to face sometime soon. xox

  4. what beautiful, beautiful words to embrace and wrap around the kindreds you spent time with.

    i can not wait to hear more .... being "forever changed" is pretty phenomenal, isn't it?!?!

    love to you beauty!

  5. oh so beautiful! that connection, isn't it just divine? so with you! we will keep holding the light...

  6. Gorgeous poem my friend. Gorgeous! I am so overjoyed to hear your time there was amazing. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. i see her too, filled with warm light, giggles and slinging a mean brush full of color.

    you + my life = pure happy

  8. Sounds like you had a life altering time, good for you!!!
    Love the poem!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Wow - looking forward to hearing more - light keepers what a beautiful image that conjures up.

  10. Beautiful:O) And beautiful photo:O)

  11. Your words are a beautiful testament to an unbelievably amazing experience....still missing all a y'all!!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo