Friday, March 2, 2012

In LOVE x 2

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me if I had to choose
 what I liked best what would it be:
My painting or my writing?
 "I have to choose," I asked? 
"Well no, but what if you had to?"

My new Dreams & Goals journal for 2012
I couldn't decide.
 It's now two weeks later and I still can't decide.
 If anything, having them both in my life
 have only become absolutely necessary.
(like breathing)

My ART is a way for me to express myself without explanation.
 It's intuitive.
 My demonstration of color, texture and painted stories
 help connect my body to my heart. 
It helps me go inside and stay a while.
 It's here I continue to practice the art of listening. 
It's here I continue to practice trust.
It's here that I feel home and where
 I often experience bliss.

My writing is a way for me to go even deeper into myself. 
It's hard work.
 I go into these dark places because I have to
NOT because I want to. 
When I arrive,
 all I want to do is look the other way and run out.
 But, after, 
when I eventually go through it, 
I realize why I had to go there...
Where the truth lies and the sadness still sit.

It's like choosing between your two kids...
You love them equally but differently.
You have a unique relationship with each of them.
How could you ever decide?

I know being IN LOVE with two art mediums
might slow down my success in each field.
But for now,
 I MUST continue my LOVE affair with BOTH of them.
I just won't admit which one is my wife and which is my mistress...
Not yet anyway! ;)

Are you in love with more than one?
Do tell...


  1. Danielle I totally agree. I can not choose. I have many creative loves and I need them all to function. When one is resting the other is at play. I use to think I was not focused but now I realize they go hand in hand and only enhance one another. While I might be focusing on my illustrations, my other creatives are rejuvenating and waiting for my attention. Like life I think our creative interests have seasons. I love that notion.

  2. Danielle, i so get where you're coming from re: having to choose between art or writing.

    And honestly, i believe that success is more likely with both loves (rather than only one). Going deep within with your writing is what allows you to know yourself & find the beauty. The more you know yourself, the more you trust your instincts, and the more you trust your instincts, the more you paint with your heart rather than your hands. And we all know what happens when one paints with her heart...
    L-O-V-E. That's what happens. For the artist and for the one who shares in the beauty.

    So happy you're sharing your life Danielle...
    love and lollipops (and BIG hugs!)

  3. I don't think you have to choose. I think both can intertwine with one another beautifully. Kind of like having more than one child. BTW, I'm not sure I've commented before, but I've been reading your blog for a while. :-)

  4. Wow, that is a really horrid question, at least it would be for me because I couldn't choose either!?!? So don't. Just do both. :)

  5. I've read alot about marketing yourself and just what you need to do.When I say I have read alot I mean I have read ALOT...I have come to the conclusion that what works for some does not work for all.I read that to be successful you must concentrate your whole being on just one aspect of your creative self.I simply cannot do that it just isn't me and I would not be true to myself.I often my mind brain is working on something to sew when I am painting and vice versa.I quickly jot it all down and then go back to it when I'm ready.

    I would love the chance to purchase a small illustrated book from you.I don't know if you have considered a zine or something similar but that would be a great way to also combine your two loves.I love reading your blog and enjoy seeing your paintings.Evolve but evolve into your true self that is what is most important.

  6. Oh, Danielle. You paint with words, too!

  7. I keep thinking I must choose...but I love them both. You said it perfectly. Writing has always been my first I guess...because it's safe for's what I have had success in. But I am ready to branch out and become an artist, too!!!


Thank-you for your words. I tuck them inside my heart pocket. xo